Help us further God's mission in Hungary

SpeakOut Hungary

With these materials you can help us further God’s mission at SpeakOut Hungary. As a former participant or someone who has been involved with the Hungarian ministry you are the best ambassador to SpeakOut and this way you have a crucial role. In our experience most people who come as a tutor, first heard about it through people who were involved in it before. The stories, memories and ways He impacted you at SpeakOut or in Hungary is the best story to share with others to further this mission.

Please use these flyers to download and print on your own or distribute them digitally.

SpeakOut flyers

You can download this double sided flyer shown on the picture below. Front and back.

Thank you for taking part in God's harvest in Hungary!

If you have any further question, please don't hesitate to email us at by clicking on the picture below. We are happy to answer!